10. A Conversation: Chapter 1

I want to take a break every so often from our normal content and open it up to our community. We all have something to say and it will likely add value to someone, and the thing I hate most when having a conversation with someone is when that someone will talk for days about their stories and opinions, you can’t get two sentences in when it’s your turn. I have a few people in my life that, over time, I’ve developed the habit of simply not offering up a thought because, nine times out of ten, I’ll get halfway through my second sentence, not even having made a point and I’ll get derailed. So for my first community post, I just want to start a conversation with you all and let’s just each share a book that has greatly impacted your business or personal life and how it did so. Obviously, it will be helpful in comment form to be able to share your whole thought without being interrupted, but I’d like for everyone to pick a comment made by another person that stands out to you and engage with that person.

DO NOT USE! Insert similar picture from my own bookcase

To get us started, I would like to talk about a book that has really impacted my EntreJourney and give you a rundown of what it’s about! I have a physical copy that I haven’t really ready, but I’ve listened to the audiobook at least FIVE times in the last eighteen months. I’ve listened to it so much that I can mouth along the words for almost the whole book. The book I’m referring to is Michael Hyatt’s “Platform: Getting Noticed In A Noisy World.” The book is adequately marketed to those, like myself, who are aspiring to be successful as full-time bloggers, among other related mediums. After having listened to the audiobook the first time, a key takeaway for me was how easy it really is to be successful in building an online platform for yourself.

We’re in the digital age, ripe with smart phones, smart watches, and even smart refrigerators! (That last one still blows my mind.) Even beyond our smart devices, we have all become programmed to adapt very easily to anything new that comes along. Adapting to new technologies is a world in itself for each of us to conquer, if we choose to do so. I talk about this in great detail (warning: shameless plug) on my other blog, TechQuest. But adapting, as Hyatt states, to the new ways of marketing and getting your name out there is as easy following a few steps that he outlines in this book.

They’re pretty self-explanatory, so I will list each one and throw in a thought about them.

  • The first is networking and this is where building key relationships over time is going to pay off when you make that call to your graphic designer friend who will likely help you create a logo for free in exchange for a plug to his website.
  • Next is online engagement where you must prowl through social media and other sites (relevant to your platform) and actually talk to other people via comment threads and discussion boards.
  • Third is one that I’ve always struggled a bit with, but less and less over time, and that is gaining readership and subscribers to your blog. Creating engaging content and, as I said in the previous step, getting your name out there through commenting on other sites, will help pave the way to high website stats.
  • The last two are key: Planning and Executing. You have to have HUGE dreams and goals and be brave enough to sacrifice and just do it.

Think S.M.A.R.T. goals.

With all that said, the book itself was very refreshing in its approach and delivery method and, as I have listened to it more times that I can remember, it was very captivating and memorable. To be honest, his voice is a bit much to take over long periods of time, which is why I typically try to just read the cliff notes of his podcasts, but he’s an amazing author and speaker and I always look forward to his next book!

So, tell me about a book that stuck with you for the long haul in the comments and we’ll talk again soon!




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