14. Foundation

I get ahead of myself in a lot of ways and find that I have a great idea that I just want to make a “plan” for and just run with it. As I get older, I realize that plans can only take you so far.

I won’t make this story a long one, but I will you tell you that I’ve been in this world of writing online for over fifteen years. A few times, I’ve started a website where I wanted to start something big and write with a great sense of purpose and impact to those reading. I wanted to create such great content that my site traffic would become insanely high and write such good stories that I would get in newspapers (remember, this was circa 2002) 😛

“Wanted to.”

Supporting the weight of your plans and accomplishments and momentum is a strong foundation. Without a strong foundation, everything sort of crumbles. I never really took the time to lay out the foundation of those sites. No matter how great and well-thought your plans become, they need that impenetrable base.

Even today, I am writing two blogs. This one and TechQuest, which I’ve mentioned in a previous post called “09. Money Matters A Lot.” In both of these sites, not to toot my own horn, but I’ve created better and more consistent content than ever before, and I’m really proud that I’ve made it so far. I mean, I’m only four months into this site and one year in with TechQuest, but it’s all thanks to having a decent plan and a strong foundation. Granted, if you follow one of my sites or even both, you’ll see over time that I will be putting out one story per week on Entrejourney and 1-2 posts per week on TechQuest.

I’ve always heard big-time bloggers say 4-7 posts per week is ideal, but I see this as an ebb and flow over time, and it also depends heavily on your niche. Regardless, after all these years, I have a strong foundation and will be focusing on putting out high-quality content and bringing value to my readers while simultaneously working towards products, services and monetization.

In the meantime, it really is my goal to meet new people and have great conversations about each of our Entrejourney stories and find ways in which we can all help each other along the way! If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to chat, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post!

“Without failure, there is no achievement” John C. Maxwell

Until next time,

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