20. A Conversation: Chapter 2

Last week, I talked about how we sometimes have an epiphany and how they sometimes come too late. We always hope that we can come to these realizations in time to do something about them and they, in turn, become a blessing instead of a regret! A big epiphany of mine from last week’s post was when I could’ve gotten my commercial driver’s license during my time working for Budweiser and didn’t. I’ve always been fascinated by big trucks and have actually driven a large tractor-trailer around a parking lot before. I know that’s not saying much, but it was a huge joy to get to experience that. The skill it takes to back up a trailer is a big part of that for me and I know that many people could care less about mastering that skill. I’ve pulled little motorcycle trailers and other small cargo trailers behind pickup trucks and SUVs, and I’ve always heard “the smaller the trailer, the harder to maneuver backwards.”

My goals and dreams definitely don’t revolve around frivolous things such as that, even though I touched on learning new skills in post “18. Toward Better,” that have no apparent economic value and how we should always just learn little things for fun, regardless.

In a post I shared back in July, titled “10. A Conversation: Chapter 1,” I had mentioned that every so often, I want to stop and take the opportunity to have a conversational dialogue with you about a thought I may be playing around with in my head. That thought now is about bucket lists and making sure that we are always striving to try new things and conquer fears in our lives. Whether those achievements or fears have been lingering in the back of our mind for years or decades, or maybe just recently a friend of yours went skydiving and you suddenly developed an urge to give that a try despite your insurmountable fear of heights, I think it’s a great idea to always be looking for a chance to “check off” things like that.

My original plan for this post was to do a brief introduction and then just copy/paste my personal bucket list for you to check out and leave it at that, but you know me! I love to chat and write and share what’s on my mind, so I wanted to take some time here to talk briefly about the “why” behind my bucket list choices. Instead of included the list in this post, I have decided to create a new page on my site that is dedicated to my bucket list and will give you a chance to get realtime updates as I check off items from it! That page is currently being worked on, but I will let you know as soon as it’s up and you can check out my list! 🙂

The list itself is as comprehensive as I can get it, and is ever changing and growing and shrinking. Over the years, some things become uncontrollably out of reach (not to say impossible), but you may edit yours when you realize that you’re past the age of having more children and all you’ve had were boys and that “Take my daughter to her first “Daddy-Daughter Dance” is not something that will happen. Maybe you delete it, or maybe you edit it to say “Take my granddaughter to her first “Grandfather-Granddaugher Dance?” Not sure if that’s a real thing, but you get the idea.

One of the things on my proverbial bucket list for as long as I can remember is to actually write out a physical bucket list. LOL. It wasn’t until I decided to include this post on my site that I began that task and have since checked “make a bucket list” off of my bucket list.

I want to strongly encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to join this adventure with me. There will be an opportunity for you to share your own bucket list here and you can choose to leave off more deeply personal items that you don’t want others to see. The beautiful thing about having conversations like this one, or discussions we’ve had in previous posts, is that by sharing our journey with each other in community, we can learn about new things from each other and find new ways to reach the goals that we set for ourselves.

For now, I would love to see you leave a comment on this post with at least ONE bucket list item of yours and maybe share with us how we can help you acheive it. I can’t push you out of an airplane or make you try brussel sprouts for the first time (YUCK), but I can help you figure out how to create a mission statement or website for your first business idea or hold you accountable to read one new personal development book per week for a whole year (we could start a book club!).


Let me know what you think!

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