39. A New Journey

If you would’ve told me nine months ago, when I published my first blog post for Entrejourney, that I would not only have consistently posted each week (with the exception of a few weeks off for Christmas), but that today I would be posting my LAST official blog entry in its current format and am a few short days away from launching my first ever podcast and taking this “ministry” (if you can call it that) to a whole new level, I would’ve scoffed and laughed and rolled my eyes and said something like “that’s impossible!”

Okay, knowing me, I probably wouldn’t have said it’s impossible, but I would have been hard-pressed to believe it. But, guess what??


I have to let you in on a little secret. If you’ve never blogged before, or at least not in such a way that you are trying to create a brand and a platform and a big thing where you want followers and readers, etc,… If you wrote on a platform for fun and are just doing it for yourself,… The world of blogging (or producing online content) is chock full of stuff like stats, data, and other metrics that make it so hard for a serious blogger, who wants their blog to turn into something noteworthy, to grasp the intensity of what it takes to stand firm in your commitment to publish content regularly and for it to be of good or high levels of quality.

I’m not saying that to say, “oh, look at me, I’ve been going at this for almost a year and I’m awesome…” What I’m driving at is that all of the many times I’ve done the blog thing before (spanning over the course of fifteen years or so), I didn’t have the slightest clue about creating content schedules (I actually haven’t even really done this…. #slacker), thinking about posts further out than just the next month or so (I haven’t done this consistently, but I typically write posts a few weeks in advance…. #inconsistent), or even come close to doing anything to promote my site/blog and try to get support/readership/etc (until now). Where I find the difference between then and now is that the world around me is not as noisy as it was when I was growing up,…

I have finally learned how to begin tuning out the temptations, the junk that gets many of us so distracted from what God is trying to teach us.

“…the world around me is not as noisy as it was…”

Back to the celebration: In four short days, the first episode of my podcast will be available to you and I’m still super nervous/anxious/sick to my stomach, even though I know I shouldn’t be, because God is at the center of this and he will speak through me and put each episode in the ears of the people he wants to reach, and it’s all good. I’ve learned that I should be much more concerned with being a faithful steward of the gifts God has given me, and let him do the rest!

With that said, I want to give you a bit of a teaser, so you’ll know what to look for on Monday! Here is the “almost” final draft of the cover art for the podcast (I hate my hair, I’m too lazy to keep that up, so it’s buzzed down to almost nothing AGAIN!)

Not every episode will feature a conversation between myself and a guest, but most of them will. The episodes will follow a relatively intentional series of topics ranging from careers, faith, parenting, organization, technology, and so much more, but it will all center around helping us all to get a better handle on and to live a better life. Other than listening to the podcast when it comes out, I really have to ask one teeny, tiny favor of you… In order to get my specific podcast to show up in any easily visible part of iTunes Podcast search, or other podcast subscription platforms, let alone to get into iTunes’ “New & Noteworthy” feature section on the front page of iTunes, Apple needs to see that people are downloading the episodes and then going to rate them in iTunes and writing a review. Even I struggle with taking the time to rate and review podcasts, but I will be forever grateful if you would take the minute or two to do this for me, and I will make it as easy as possible by providing the link for you, so that you can just click it and write it!

Next time you hear from me, it will be on the podcast and I’m so looking forward to having you join me on this new journey I am embarking on! Until next Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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