47. What A Difference – Habits

***Transparency Alert***

I didn’t have a “set-in-stone” plan for my podcast as far as length of episodes, but I tried my best to keep it at every two weeks on Monday. Some episodes were 35-45 minutes in length and a the others were under 20 minutes. If you have never spoken publicly or done a podcast, it’s hard to talk for 45 minutes (my wife would say that’s not true for me 🤣).

But, it was hard for me, in fact, and I struggled to give the content the depth and breadth it deserved. For those of you that have listened to each episode, THANK YOU! Seriously, it means the world and I hope that something I’ve talked about has helped you in some way.

When all was said and done, I barely survived this past Spring semester and a second major change (another story for another time), and God was solidifying some of the things He had been revealing to me over the past few months. I feel like I’ve made the most significant progress spiritually and in the shortest time, while also gaining a better understanding of how habits work best in my own life.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

I’ve been working through the book, “The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg. I had been told recently to stop trying to read books all the way through, and because of the 100+ books that I’ve owned for close to ten years that I’ve been dying to read and haven’t because a new book comes out and gets put on the top of the stack,… you know how that goes if you’re an avid reader!

I was advised by a new mentor of mine that I should skim through the whole book in an hour, making a few notes or highlights as I go. Once finished, I should summarize what I learned in my own words and then come back to that summary in a week. So, in essence, everyday I should be reading a book in one hour and reviewing the book I read a week prior.

Cue my OCD systematic nature! Now I get the pleasure of going calendar alert crazy and making sure that I stick to this and read all the books I’ve ever wanted without the burden of feeling like I have to read them word-for-word! I digress.

I want to spent the next few posts talking about habits, as a follow-up to the episodes focused on attitude.

For now, I encourage you to pick up “The Power of Habit” or Google the summary (there are tons out there!) As far as the podcast goes, it’s not going anywhere. I don’t like being cliche and dubbing the block of episodes as “Seasons” but, let’s call the first five episodes you’ve heard “Season 1.” The next season of Trials & Triumph will be coming to you in the next couple of months, as I prepare to record interviews with some truly brilliant people on topics that we could all use help with!

Click the image above 👆 to catch up on episodes you’ve missed and please let me know in the comments what you’d love to hear more or less of! If you’d like to be considered as a guest on the coming episodes, let me know in the comments as well!

Next week, I’ll share with you about joining a gym for the first time and what that’s been like this first week! Until then, have a great weekend!

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