A New Story

Between my last post in November of 2018 and New Years Eve, I had what felt to be a call from God that Trials & Triumph had done what it had come to do. Better yet, God had done His work in and through me and this blog. Being the horribly inconsistent pray-er that I am, I agonized (slight dramatization) over what to do next. Having successfully posted more than three times as many posts on this site as I ever had in other blogging attempts over the past 15-20 years, I thought, “Why would you lead me to stop doing this? I’m on somewhat of a roll!”

Then, as I begin to really seek God’s will in these first few weeks of 2019, I sensed a strong urge to continue writing and sharing my journey.

With that said, all of my posts going forward will become much shorter in length and highlight the things that I am learning, while also reflecting on other parts of my testimony. All the while, it is my desire to interact with you, my friends, and create some great conversations around the topic in each post.

In addition to starting great conversations with new friends, I would really appreciate you sharing this site with your circle of friends and family. We’re all going through our own victories and struggles and I personally love finding sites where people are sharing their stories.

If you are new here, there are 55+ more posts and many of them contain very detailed portions of my spiritual journey as a follower of Christ. It’s not chronological, so you can jump in and out. I am reformatting the titles to make them easier to know which post is about which part of my story.

Thank you for joining me on this new chapter of Trials & Triumph. I am looking forward to making a connection with each of you, so feel free to start the conversation in the comments of this or any other post!



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