A Little Bit of My Story

img_1099This is my family. My wife Hannah is the most patient woman you’ll ever meet. Here’s how I know: she married me,… and is still married to me. She even let me get her pregnant. <<That’s my attempt at being funny that always goes “too far,” according to my closest sources. That smushed up ball of sweet sugar and high-pitched screams (sometimes) is Judah. As of April 2017, he’s one year old and is more opinionated than I am.

The heart of this blog was born long before he ever was. However, I finally trudged through a lot of cow manure (not literally, and I want to say sh*t, but Hannah will read this and make me change it, not because she’s demanding or bossy, but just because she know’s I’m just trying to talk tough in case any of my guy friends ever read this.)* Anyway, I trudged my way through cow sh– manure and we suffered through some really low-income months for a while and eventually ended up where we are now.

We’re still trying to make more money (because we don’t make enough and always have to cut stuff from the budget, even peanut butter.)** But we have our one-year-old and Hannah works from home as a Transaction Coordinator for a growing real estate team and I’m kind of like a beggar (translate: freelance marketing/design/branding, IT support, and full-time college student at age 31). We spend a lot of time together because we’re all at home almost all day, almost every day. It’s intense and we get on each others nerves occasionally.

But, I’m now more a blogger than I ever have been and it’s in part due to the fact that I took almost all of the non-traditional routes to get where I’m going. I’m in my thirties now and I still don’t have a college degree (I’m working on it), don’t have much of any investments, bought our first house in early 2016 and had our first baby a couple of months later, and we’re still learning a lot of common sense things.

With that said, I just thought you all (or ya’ll, cause that’s really how I say it, no matter how hard I denounce my southern upbringing), would get some form of entertainment out of my writings. I’m honestly a bit apathetic about grammar and punctuation and political correctness and embarrassing myself/others, so don’t make fun, don’t be offended, and don’t egg my house. We’re all human, and when you think you’re better than someone, that someone is way better than you at something else, so shut up! 😝

I hope you enjoy the story, and if you know of anyone who would be encouraged by or get a kick out of this site, please share! I’d love to build a big, fun community of like-minded life-strugglers as friends!

*Run-on sentence.

**“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” (Matthew 7:1, NIV) 📖