08. Another Fresh Start

After a brief stint at the grocery chain, I started at Blockbuster in Athens in January of 2009. It was pretty much the most uneventful seven months thus far and I tried to just keep my focus on working and flying under the radar. Other than a few trips back to South Georgia, Hannah and I spent a lot of time together and continued to grow our relationship, when we could manage to cross paths in between our varying work schedules.

The first house I moved into when I moved to the "big city." My room was in the upper left of this picture.
The first house I moved into when I moved to the “big city.” My room was in the upper left of this picture.

In August of 2009, I moved from Athens to a house in Sandy Springs, north of Atlanta, leaving Hannah behind until December when she finished the semester before her final term at the University of Georgia. She had a close friend whose grandmother had a house on Abernathy Road, and her grandmother was recently moved to a long-term care facility, leaving the house empty. An agreement was made with her friend’s mother, who was caring for the home, that I could stay there rent-free in exchange for help with keeping up with lawn care. It ended up being a very generously-timed deal for me, for which I’m forever grateful because it got me on my feet and acclimated to life on my own, unlike I’d ever experienced.

One of the stipulations of living in that house was that it was to remain fully unfurnished apart from a mattress on the floor for me to sleep on and a television, both of which could be stored in the closet with my suitcase in the event some potential buyer wanted to see the house. I was good at regular grass-cutting where the yard is green and it’s clear what parts you’ve cut and which you haven’t. Those yards were also relatively flat, yet this house proved to be the opposite of those things. I gave it my best effort the first four or five times that year.

I realized that with a part-time job and no friends in the area, I had a lot of time on my hands. Keep in mind that this is all before I ever got a smartphone or had a working laptop at the time. The cell phone I did have had the ability to keep me somewhat entertained when it was used for texting. With the rest of my time, when I wasn’t driving around town exploring or watching the mountains of movies I was able to rent for free from Blockbuster, I had nothing to do except sit around or do yard work.

Don’t get me wrong and think it was hard labor. It was pulling weeds here and spreading fertilizer there. The front yard was on a steep hill, which bottomed out at the sidewalk alongside a very fast moving, busy artery of Sandy Springs.

When I started this blog, I wanted a way to clarify with my readers the true purpose I have in my writing. It’s been said that, in business or finance, it’s about 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior or skill. To get out of debt or manage your finances, you don’t really need to know much outside of addition and subtraction to do a budget. It’s the 80% behavior part where you must put that knowledge to work and achieve results. This is the same philosophy behind my blog. A lot of what I want to share with you is the “story behind the story,” or how I made it so far as to learn these business principles and achieve the success that I have. I want to build this community up with likeminded individuals and help build each other up.

When you have a few people who you’ve allowed in to your inner circle and they know your business goals, successes and failures, and you are all willing to give constructive criticism in order to help each other grow, you become much more prone to hit your goals and maximize your impact on the world of business. I don’t have a book or a series of lists outlining what to do or what not to do in a certain situation. I personally expend much of my energy as it relates to learning to make sure that what goes in my mind is rich, powerful content, thoughts, and ideas and minimize every input that is wasteful or unproductive (more on that in a later post).

Whether it be books or audiobooks, podcasts, seminars, whatever, I do what I have to so that I can look back on each day and say that I learned something today. It may not have been a new lesson. I learn a lot of things over and over, until eventually my stupidity muscle grows tired and gives up. That’s when I start executing on the lesson and it begins to alter my course toward success by another one degree. Over time, I’ll be sharing some of the content I’ve ingested and will be looking forward to discussing the takeaways with each of you!

How can I help create a community environment here where you feel

free to share and network and grow with me?


“Either you run your day, or the day will run you.” ~Jim Rohn

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